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        Pay attention to your parts quality when ship them

        This year, I develop an FAW parts client from Peru, they need the parts urgently, we send parts quickly. So, we cooperate smoothly. BUT one day, everything broken:

        In this time, he need bashboard grille 5310045-A17 and 5310050-A17, OK, no problem, very easy, we can confirm the parts according the parts number. pack them and send them via DHL. Everything like before, business is so easy. 7 days later. Client send me message, Peru customs stop it, since the parts is dirty. they think it is used.

        We explain to client, it is new, but no meaning, at last, client scratched, and tole me"when you are going improve your quality products", I say nothing. We think we will lose this client. Too bad.

        So, in future, we will inspect the parts each time by self, no matter small or big order. We should pay much attention to clear and durablity.




        HOW many engine models for shacman dump truck

        For China famous truck brand, Shacman, there are F2000.F3000,M3000, X3000 series, F2000 and F3000 are heavy duty truck model, X3000 and M3000 is for light weight. Today we will illustrate how many engine model can be assemble on Shacman F2000 dump truck.

        F2000 shacman truck always assemble Weichai brand engine, the engine model and horse power is as following sheet, hope it is helpful for you when you want to purchase the shacman truck. 

        We strongly suggest you to choose WD12 series engine model, it is very classic, easy maintence, strong power.Many client like it very much.

        No. Model BorexStroke Displacement Air intake way Rated Power Rated spped Max Torque/speed
        1 WD615.56 126x130 9.726 Turbo and intercooler 193(262) 2200 1100/1300-1600
        2 WD615.50 126x130 9.726 213(290) 2200 1160/1100-1600
        3 WD615.44 126x130 9.726 235(320) 2200 1250/1400-1600
        4 WD615.34 126x130 9.726 250(340) 2200 1350/1100-1600
        5 WD615.46 126x130 9.726 266(360) 2200 1460/1400-1600
        6 WD615.38 126x130 9.726 280(380) 2400 1460/1400-1600
        7 WD12.336 126x155 11.596 247(336) 2200 1350/1200-1650
        8 WD12.375 126x155 11.596 276(375) 2200 1500/1200-1650
        9 WD12.420 126x155 11.596 309(420) 2200 1750/1200-1650



        How to maintain your truck


        Buying truck parts attention

        Part of maintenance is making sure that all of the trucks parts on your vehicle are up to par. This means taking the time to buy the best truck parts available, and making sure that they come from a reputable parts supplier. Or, you may have found an old truck that needs some new parts, and that also means buying truck parts from someone that you can trust. We’ve been in this business a long time, and we’ve seen a lot of bad parts – don’t get stuck with a part that doesn’t work or isn’t worth the money. Instead, buy your truck parts from us – we’ll make sure that the parts you buy are top quality.