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        Model C9.290 C9.340 C9.380 C9.400
        Type Vertical 6 in line
        BorexStroke 117mm*135mm
        displacement(L) 8.7L
        valves for every cylinder 4 Valve
        injection Electrically-controlled high-pressure, common-rail
        Inlet way Turbo-charged, inter cooler variable-area Turbo-charged
        Rated speed 290HP 340HP 380HP 400HP
        Max torque 1100Nm 1300Nm 1500Nm 1600Nm
        Fuel consumption at max.power(g/Kwh) 196g/KW.h
        emission level EURO III / IV / V
        Dimension L1335mm*W825mm*H1055mm
        net weight of diesel engine(kg) 840Kg
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