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        • Product Title: Shacman Engine Weichai Engine WD615 Engine WD615.58 Engine

        Model: WD615.58


        Application:For truck


        Type:vertical in-line water cooling four strokes direct injection

        Intake Mode:Turbocharging Intercooling

        No. of Cylinder× Bore× Stroke(mm):6×126×130

        Total Displacement(L):9.762

        Rated Power/ Speed (kW/r/min):175/2200

        Peak Torque/Speed(N.m/r/min):1100/1300-1600

        Torque Rise(%):31.6

        Fuel Consumption at Rated Conditions(g/kW.h):218

        Min.Fuel Consumption(g/kW.h):193

        Oil Consumption(%):≤0.2

        Max. Rated Speed Without load(r/min):2510±40

        Stable Idle Speed(r/min):600±50


        Max. Smoke at Full load(Rb):≤2.5

        Smoke at free accelerate(Rb):≤2.5

        Emission Index:EUROII

        Net Weight (kg):875

        Overall dimensions (length ×Width ×Height):1525×660×965

        alternator (optional):1000W/1500W/3000W/4200W

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